for care to be effective it must respond well to a patient’s situation

what is care that fits?

For care to be effective it must respond well to a patient’s situation. To do so, care must be bio-medically correct with a sound argument backing its implementation. In addition, it should be consistent with the patient’s personal values, desires, and goals. Lastly, care should be feasible given the resources that can be mobilized and the opportunity costs of doing so (what will have to be shifted, postponed or canceled to make room for the new tasks). Not all care recommended as safe and effective for patients like this will fit well in the care of a particular patient. To fit, such care must be tailored so that it makes intellectual, emotional, and practical sense to this patient.

who we are

Investigators at the KER Unit conduct research that ultimately seeks to help patients receive the care that each one needs and that fits them. We are a multidisciplinary team brought together by our commitment to patient-centered care, integrity, and generosity. We conduct projects in the real worlds of clinical care and of living, struggling, and thriving with medical conditions.

together we can create care that fits

ways we can make care fit

shared decision making

This process of sharing in the decision-making tasks involves developing a partnership based on empathy, exchanging information about the available options, deliberating while considering the potential consequences of each one, and making a decision by consensus.

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minimally disruptive medicine

Minimally disruptive medicine (MDM) seeks to advance patient goals for health, health care, and life, using effective care programs designed and implemented in a manner that respects the capacity of patients and caregivers and minimizes the burden of treatment – the healthcare footprint – the care program imposes on their lives.

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