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Patients and their commitment to care KERCasts

In this edition of KERCasts, Victor Montori interviews Dr. Eelco de Koning, a professor of diabetology at the Leiden University Medical Center and head of the Leiden Diabetes Center. Dr. de Koning walks Dr. Montori through his formative experiences as a budding clinician and researcher, how locals’ advice to “go slow” when climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro can inform how we support patients, and the value of blazing one’s own trail in life and in work.
  1. Patients and their commitment to care
  2. Making care fit through shared decision making
  3. The role of citizen patients in making care fit
  4. Mindfulness and coaching for chronic disease
  5. Introduction to the KERCast

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Episode 1
Mindfulness and Coaching for Chronic Disease with Roberto Benzo

Roberto P. Benzo, M.D., focuses on the study of how self-awareness, mindfulness and self-management and how they impact chronic diseases and high performance. He founded the Mindful Breathing Lab at Mayo Clinic and holds 5 NIH grants as PI in chronic disease management.

Broadcasted live October 4th, 2020

Episode 2
The Role of Peer Experts in Making Care Fit with Carolyn Canfield

Carolyn Canfield works globally as a citizen-patient to expand opportunities for patients, caregivers and communities to partner with healthcare professionals in research, teaching, improvement and governance.

Broadcasting live October 14th, 2020

Episode 3
Making Care Fit Through SDM at the Point of Care with Marleen Kunneman

Dr. Marleen Kunneman is a Research Associate at LUMC and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic. She is trained as a Clinical Linguist and obtained her PhD in Medicine in 2016. She has almost a decade of research experience in shared decision making (SDM), and received a personal NWO Veni-grant to research (how to improve) fit of care.

Broadcasted live October 20th, 2020

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Episode 4
Patients and their commitment to care with Eelco de Koning

Eelco de Koning is professor of diabetology at the Leiden University Medical Center. He received his medical degree from the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, in 1991. He heads the Leiden Diabetes Center. His two main focus areas are transplantation in diabetes and stimulation of patient self management and participation in diabetes care.

Broadcasting live October 26th, 2020

Episode 5
Purposeful shared decision making
The right tool for the right job with Ian Hargraves

Ian Hargraves PhD is originally from New Zealand Ian holds a Masters and Ph.D. in design from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA. His research focuses on the understanding the ways in which shared decision making varies and can be supported across the range of patient problems and situations.

Broadcasting live November 11th, 2020

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Episode 6
Using RE-Aims to Conduct
Implementation Research with Russel Glasgow

Russel Glasgow is Research Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Colorado and Director of the Dissemination and Implementation Science (D&I) Program at the Adult and Child Consortium for Outcomes Research and Delivery Science (ACCORDS).

Broadcasting live November 23rd, 2020

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