Implementation Toolkit

Shared decision making (SDM) is a conversation by which patients and clinicians figure out what to do to respond to the patient’s problematic situation. SDM tools are designed to support those conversations. Here are a few resources to help implement their use in practice.

Formal toolkits

  • Statin Choice toolkit
  • Chest Pain Choice toolkit (under construction)
  • ICAN implementation toolkit

Journal Clubs

Journal club-type activities suitable for a 20-40 minute lunch session or after hours get together. Kits include a case, supporting literature, presentation material, and discussion guides focused on the four decision aids available:

Brief Presentations

Slide shows available to review with your colleagues and leadership.  voice-over version available for download either to train the trainer or to share in with audience (ensure computer is connected to speakers for best results).


Unscripted statements by clinician and patients who have experience with the shared decision making tools. To be incorporated into presentations (participants have provided authorization for the public use of these videos).

Scientific publications