Person-Centered Care Conversations

What It Is

What’s going on in your life?
What’s going on in your healthcare?
Are they working well together?

These questions are at the heart of chronic care management.

My Life My Health Care is a discussion aid that can help patients and clinicians quickly answer these questions and personalize care to the life situation, illness, and treatment needs of patients.

The Tool

An anatomy of My Life My Health Care

Try It Out

Experience a conversation using My Life My Healthcare through an interactive text game.


Watch and learn from a real clinical encounter using My Life My Healthcare. What stands out to you?


Practice and improve using My Life My Healthcare and a self-coaching approach.


Here are some frequently asked questions we get about My Life My Healthcare.

Q: How easy is it to use? 
A: In a pilot feasibility study, clinicians found the tool feasible to use in the majority of encounters. 62% reported it very easy or easy, 32% reported it as neither easy nor difficult and 5% reported it was difficult to use in that encounter (N = 45 encounters). 

Q: What does it help bring up in discussion? 
A: A pilot feasibility study found that discussion with My Life My Health Care surfaced more talk of diet, being active, competing priorities, and taking medications compared to usual care. 

Q: Does it add time to the visit? 
A: In our pilot feasibility study, encounter length did not significantly differ between My Life My Health Care visits and usual care. 

Q: Is it feasible to implement? 
A: Yes. My Life My Health Care has been implemented in a number of organizational settings. See the Workflow section for guidance on implementing the tool in your context.  READ THE PILOT + FEASIBILITY STUDY


Our team delivers technical assistance, in-person coaching, and implementation support for My Life My Health Care.

We also mail out printed, card-stock copies of My Life My Health Care upon request. You only have to cover the costs of shipping!

For any requests or to inquire about rates, please contact the KER Unit (

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