Vulnerabilities – who is at risk of having their lives disrupted by medical care?Those

When discussing who is at risk of being burdened by treatments, we have come up with a list…we are wondering what other groups people can think of:

  • Individuals with limited familial or social support
  • Individuals with poor overall or health literacy
  • Individuals with many chronic conditions
  • Individuals with treatments that require constant attention, e.g., implanted devices that call attention to themselves throughout the day, pills that need to be taken several times per day
  • Individuals who travel far for healthcare
  • Individuals who have to wait for healthcare: to park, in line, at the office
  • Individuals who have tenuous health insurance who need to spend time arguing with insurance

Who else is in your list?

The research team puts it out there

We have an exciting group of researchers coming together to contribute the evidence base for minimally disruptive medicine.

The kick-off publication will be coming out in the BMJ soon.  The authors of that publication are Carl MayFrances Mair, and Victor Montori, and you can learn more about them and their work in their own websites by clicking on their names.

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