2021 Workshop – Rochester

Care that Fits 2021 will be held November 10-12th. It is the fifth offering of a three-day course that gives participants a kind and careful frame for healthcare: Minimally Disruptive Medicine (MDM) and Shared Decision Making (SDM). This year we will offer a hybrid format. Participants will have the opportunity to register for in-person learning at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, USA or to attend virtually via zoom. It seems particularly important that we gather this year in whatever means possible to both resume learning and connection, as well as to reflect on the ways the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped our lives. We are stronger in good company.

The course is designed to provide participants both conceptual and practical knowledge of the topic and is divided into brief lectures and interactive workshop sessions. Lectures are intended to provide a conceptual overview of MDM and SDM and of our research work to-date. Interactive workshops focus on giving participants tools that they can use directly in clinical practice, research, or teaching. Workshops provide space for conversations that consider practical steps to implement MDM/SDM tools and concepts into practice, and about ways to help develop MDM/SDM further.

The course is intended for healthcare team members interested in applying the concepts of MDM/SDM in practice, for researchers interested in contributing to the ideas, tools, practice and implementation of MDM/SDM, and for patients with chronic conditions, particularly those leading advocacy work, or involved in engagement activities.