Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center Introduces ICAN to Internal Medicine Residents

Submitted by Jason SoyringDAHLC-Jason

The Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center (DAHLC) hosts two residents electing to participate in the Internal Medicine Rotation at Mayo Clinic.  These residents partake in a 3 1/2 day health and wellness rotation that includes an immersive, hands-on experience into the programs and services that are available to all employees, volunteers, retirees, students, and patients eligible for membership. Not only do the residents acquire an enhanced understanding of how the facility can be leveraged to assist in improving their patients¹ health, but how they can utilize the programs and services to improve their personal health and well-being.

A respectable portion of the rotation provides an extensive look into wellness coaching and communication skills.  In addition, the residents have an opportunity to participate in 3-4 wellness coaching sessions to work on areas of change in their own lives. Again, the purpose of this experience is to allow the resident an opportunity to comprehend how wellness coaching can be of benefit to them and their patients in regards to behavior change.  The feedback around this portion of the experience has been incredibly positive thus far.

Residents are introduced to the Mayo Clinic Wellness Coaching Program¹s 5-E Model and how the different coaching concepts and communication strategies outlined in the model are used to help move clients closer to their health and wellness goals.  These strategies are also introduced in the context of a provider/patient interaction.  This is where Minimally Disruptive Medicine (MDM) and the ICAN Tool come into play. Residents are asked to create a common, but complex patient scenario to bring to one of their peer coaching sessions.  They are then asked to role play the patient and to fill out the ICAN Tool accordingly.  This activity gives the resident an opportunity to understand more deeply the pitfalls of patient capacity and the true burden of treatment and disease. 3478089_0011 Each resident plays the patient role and the provider role as part of the session.

DAHLC resident rotations are offered on an ongoing basis and will be available to Internal Medicine residents throughout 2016.

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