The work of being a patient gets a bit more press

In a fascinating account, and writing for the Altarum Institute blog, Janice Lynch Schuster reveals her discovery of the work of being a patient and relates this to our conversation about minimally disruptive medicine.  This is among the best written accounts of MDM available and I highly recommend it.

On a personal note and in response to Nathan Shippee’s comment to the article, she adds:

The approach makes so much sense to me–both personally, in my own experience, and more generally, when I think of what it means for people to live with multiple, long-term chronic conditions. I appreciate the point you make, about workload-capacity imbalances increasing over time and presenting even more hurdles for patients. I wonder how people can address these imbalances — or how their clinicians can help them to do so.

The call for action is there. So much to do.

3 thoughts on “The work of being a patient gets a bit more press

  1. Thanks so much for sharing Janice’s important article here. I have added a comment to her post, but will just briefly repeat here that I’m personally worried about whether or not other physicians will embrace minimally disruptive medicine. Most pay lip service to addressing issues like patient compliance (oh, that dreaded C-word – about which I’ve written lots, including a reference to your site: “Why Don’t Patients Take Their Meds as Prescribed?” )

    But when the rubber hits the road, will many docs – already preoccupied with their own workloads and burdens – be willing to even consider this sea change in the practice of medicine?

    As a heart patient, I roundly applaud your efforts and wish you and your team great success in winning over the skeptics! Good luck to you.

    1. I do not think that change will come quietly. I am focused on a patient revolution, led by patients, in partnership with health professionals, to make healthcare primarily about the welfare of patients.

      1. I will do my part in encouraging other patients to get onboard! Keep up the good work!

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