Reducing the burden of treatment in patients with chronic conditions by enhancing capacity. A new tool

Our friends at Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation are working hard at developing assessments of capacity for patients.  This is particularly important – and why they are working with our team – when we want to reduce the burden of treatment, the result of healthcare demands exceeding the capacity to access, use, and enact healthcare that affects overwhelmed patients with multiple chronic conditions.

In minimally disruptive medicine, the healthcare system should partner with patients, caregivers, and the community to manage the workload/capacity balance.  One way that this balance can be restored is by reducing treatment burden, i.e., workload. Another one, is to enhance the capacity to face those demands.  This requires support for patients and caregivers.  Some of that support may come from enhancing community support.

The CFI team has developed these tools.  What do you think?  Could something like this be helpful as part of a ‘goldilocks’ dashboard?

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