The patient voice – the need for a minimally disruptive medicine service

We are working as a multidisciplinary team to develop a service offering for patients with multiple chronic conditions that will reduce the burden of treatment while pursuing patient goals in primary care.  We are trying to learn as much as we can from other models such as PACE and Graded care.  We are also learning as much as we can from our colleagues in multiple disciplines and in public health.  And, of course, from our patients.

During an in-depth interview, one of our patients commented to the notion of a MDM service the following

I wouldn’t mind having like the whole team of doctors that I work with being able to sit down with them and look at the whole picture and decide a plan that would work out for all of my illnesses and how maybe I could avoid certain things or certain costs or just help me live better, period.

…I just think the biggest, most important thing in illness is having all the doctors be on the same page and know what is going on with you individually so that they can help you meet your best expectations and your best health.

Hi expectations we will have to satisfy if we are to make a difference to the workload/capacity balance of these patients.  Onwards!!

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