A “cure” for overtreatment

The blog Bedside Manner recently echoed our sentiments about minimally disruptive medicine, yet making a novel point: it is not about less care, but about more patient-centered care.

Indeed, I have come to refer to this idea as ‘goldilocks’ medicine for that particular reason.  It is care that is “just right” as it can only be defined by the patient-clinician dyad (ultimately a dyad of teams on each side really) with the right expertise and research evidence, the right understanding of the patient’s context, and the right consideration of the pertinent and informed values and preferences.

Goldilocks medicine is going to need not only changes in the environment of care (fundamentally changing the corrupt nature of healthcare delivery today), but also in clinician training and in shaping patient expectations for involvement.

Thank you, Julie Rosen, Executive Director of The Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare, for bring up MDM in your blog!

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