Minnesota to be first in nation to embrace ‘goldilocks’ medicine

This week marks the potential start of the implementation, evaluation, and eventual adoption of minimal,y disruptive medicine in Minnesota. Three events marked this week.

The first one involved the formation of a team that will be implementing MDM in a primary care practice. This iterative effort will involve identifying complex patients and figuring out what healthcare and the community can do to reduce treatment burden. This effort will be oriented by the application of the cumulative complexity model based on normalization process theory and the insights we have accumulated from interviewing patients.

The second development involves the publication in Minnesota Physician of an article about minimally disruptive medicine. A similar piece will be published in their publication for patients. The dissemination of the concept I thing creates the space and mind frame for experimenting with care delivery models with an underlying approach to care, not just with an underlying approach to reimbursement. The former being much more exciting and motivating than the latter.

The third development took place April 4th 2011 in Saint Paul, MN. Möbius Inc convened a citizens meeting to discuss healthcare. I was in the first panel along with Dame Jo Williams and Sanne Magnan from ICSI. Sanne and I turned to do a 1-2 on healthcare as we know it, making a big push to redesign the system, reducing it’s footprint, and pursuing more health based on community action. Groups got together later in the day around their areas of passion. Our group started working right away looking for ‘bright spots’ (AA, diabetic bus, habitat for humanity), thinking about pilot projects; and job-creation schemes that will connect the isolated, connect existing resources to people that would benefit from these but does not know of them or of how to access them (e.g. Dial 211). We were able to present our findings to the Commissioner of Health and other officials. Citizens power was never so palpable, and that some of them rallied behind goldilocks care is just awesome. More to come soon!

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