2 thoughts on “EVIDENCE 2010 talk about healthcare that fits the patient now available online

  1. Hi. Translating research into best practices for clinical practice should improve the quality of patient care in general, and by further segmenting best practices by patient demographic characteristics and personal treatment preferences, this should both improve care quality and encourage treatment/prevention to be as minimally disruptive (or not) as the patient desires it to be, in particular.
    I think its important to acknowledge that the key should be patient-centric care, and if minimally disruptive medicine is the natural outgrowth of that (as one would normally assume), so be it.

    BTW, my family and I are long-time Mayo patients and supporters. I have a suggestion for the folks at the The Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation (CFI).
    How about a Mayo directed medical Wiki patient forum (probably categorized by either procedure-type or medical specialty-type) where patients can report their perceptions of how they view the healthcare they are treated to at Mayo so medical practitioners and patients can work together to make the experience as minimally disruptive and as efficacious as possible.

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