How I came naturally to minimally disruptive medicine!

By Kevin Larsen, MD (Chief medical informatics officer, Hennepin County Medical Center)

I really love this concept since I first saw the opinion piece. I think I came to this naturally growing up with a brother who is a type 1 diabetic. In the early days of diabetes management it was maximally disruptive medicine – managing your life around your diabetes. Type 1 self management revolutionized this and when done right puts the patient in control of managing his/her own diabetes around their diet, lifestyle etc. I try to bring this approach to all of my patients conditions whenever I can.

Another aha! moment I had around this was at a site visit to a hospital in Panama. They had developed a program called “hospital at home.” Nearly all non-ICU patients had a one day stay or less in the hospital. The hospital arranged for doctors, nurses and therapists to go to the patients home, often multiple times a day to deliver care. They proved they had better outcomes with less falls, less delirium and it cost much less money. Plus patients loved it.

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