Minimally disruptive medicine finds a home in Minneapolis…

Over the last few weeks it is exciting to see the concept of minimally disruptive medicine take off.  At the IHI meeting, Maureen Bisognano highlighted it as an example of fresh thinking about patient-centered care.  In Minnesota, Mark Linzer and his team at Hennepin County Medical Center are considering implementing an MDM clinic to help the myriad of patients with multiple chronic conditions, burdensome workloads and reduced capacity (mostly through poverty and its accompanying maladies).

Mark says:

I have been trumpeting the idea of an MDM (minimally disruptive medicine) clinic all day, from a morning meeting with the head of our EMR to a noon meeting with the director of our journal club and a leader in evidence-based medicine, and at an afternoon meeting with our health care reform work group where i spoke about MDM being the basis for the future of health care in our county (through an ACO).  This concept has truly affected us!  I believe i can find some willing partners for a pilot of an MDM clinic at Hennepin County Medical Center!  The idea of doing MDM as a way of using only technology or medication for which there is excellent evidence of benefit and in a way that is minimally disruptive of the patient’s lifestyle, is one that is fascinating all of us right now!

This is really awesome and the MDM team at Mayo is very excited about the potential for this partnership, a fantastic opportunity to test Minimally Disruptive Medicine as a philosophy of care for patients with multiple medical conditions.  Thanks Mark and a big ‘thank you’ to your team!

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