Innovation to deal with treatment burden – the 2010 DiabetesMine Design challenge

Amy Tenderich from DiabetesMine is calling again for innovative ideas to help patients with diabetes.  The video compellingly describes the kinds of ideas patients are looking for, in their own words.  The keyword: simplify and reduce treatment burden.

The role of innovation in reducing treatment burden seems central to the quest for minimally disruptive medicine.   This year, the competition has built in, for the winners, opportunities to really take concepts to market thru key partnerships like Ideo.  Let’s hope that opportunities like this continue to contribute to effective patient-centered solutions to reduce treatment burden.  Healthcare policymakers and professionals should do their part to change goals, treatment and monitoring schedules, and visits to assist further with that goal.  Maybe we need another competition to spark an innovation in healthcare delivery aimed at reducing treatment burden.

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