MDM discussed at EBM mecca

Coinciding with the June 2009 How to Teach Evidence-based Clinical Practice workshop at McMaster University, Victor Montori was invited to present Medical Grand Rounds.

His presentation Patient Disobedience challenged EBM to consider its application to patients with multiple medical conditions and poor treatment adherence, and introduced the concepts of FIT and Minimally Disruptive Medicine.

The slide show (without performance) is available here.

One thought on “MDM discussed at EBM mecca

  1. Dr. Montori’s Patient Disobedience slide show was powerful even without his presentation. Health care practitioners tend to demonize clients who are nonadherent to their treatment regimens. In actuality nonadherence is a failure of the health care system to identify and meet the needs of consumers. Awesome! Thanks for archiving this.

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